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Barbara M. Roth, Director, Recreation and Culture Services






Lori Wells, Manager, Programs












2004 Silver Dolphin Award








That the report entitled “2004 Silver Dolphin Award” be received;


And that Council recognizes Andrea Louli of the Markham Aquatic Club as the 2004 Silver Dolphin National and International Award winner based on her outstanding accomplishments.


And that Council recognizes Mariyan Stipetic of the Markham Masters Club as the 2004 Silver Dolphin Local and Provincial Award winner based on her outstanding accomplishments;




The purpose of this report is to recommend the recipients for the 2004 Silver Dolphin Award.




The Silver Dolphin Award is given annually to an individual(s) or a team that has demonstrated outstanding accomplishments in aquatics.  Athletes and coaches are eligible either through performance or long-term contribution.  The awards include two levels of outstanding accomplishments.  These are:


·      Recognition of outstanding accomplishments at the local and provincial level.

·      Recognition of outstanding accomplishments at the national and international level.


The nomination committee consists of the President (or designate) from each community club -- Markham Aquatic Club, Markham Synchronized Swimming Club, Markham Diving Club and the Markham Masters Swim Club.  The nominating committee recommends the following recipients.


National/International Level Award Recipient


ANDREA LOULI set two new club records in 2003 – 2004 in the freestyle 800 long course (50 metre pool) and 1500 metres  short course race (25 metre pool). Andrea was ranked 22nd in Canada in the Top Age Group open girls category for freestyle in the 1500 metre  short course and 6th in the Top Age Group 15 year old girls for the 1500 metres short course.  With her 800 metres short course time accomplished at the Caco-Hollandia Spring Invitational Meet in London, Ontario, Andrea placed first and  qualified to compete in the 2004 Olympic Trials. Andrea was seeded 23rd going into the Olympic trials and was the Markham Aquatic Club’s sole representative at the 2004 Olympic trials.


Local and Provincial Level Award Recipient


MARIYAN STIPETIC holds nine Ontario records in various freestyle events beginning 1999 in the age group 65 to 69 years age bracket to 2004 in the 70 to 74 years age bracket. In 2004 Mariyan was ranked first in Ontario for the 200 and 500 metres  freestyle events in the 70 to 74 years age bracket and has 2004 national rankings in 50 metres freestyle – 4th place; and 3rd place in the following – 200 metres , 400 metres freestyle and the 100 metres fly.




It is recommended that the presentation of the 2004 Silver Dolphin Award take place at the June 28, 2005 Council meeting.









Barbara M. Roth, R.D.M.R.

Director, Recreation and Culture Services


Jim Sales

Commissioner of Community and Fire Services