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Engaged, Diverse & Thriving City

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Engaged, Diverse and Thriving City Infographic

Our Goal

  • Have an inclusive City where every person has a role in building a livable, caring and interconnected community.
  • Enable a strong economy and effectively manage change while respecting our community’s history, meeting current requirements and anticipating future needs.

How we will get there

Increasing community engagement

Ensuring Markham is welcoming and inclusive

Promoting Markham as the best place in Canada to invest and locate knowledge-based industries

How we will measure our success

  • Number of volunteers involved in City-run activities as a percentage of our population
  • Participation in City programs per capita
  • Ratio of non-residential vs. residential establishment throughout the City
  • Percentage of population with post-secondary education
  • Jobs per working age person
  • Employment growth rate in targeted sectors

Other Goal Areas

Learn more about the other three goal areas in our strategic plan: