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Exceptional Services by Exceptional People

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Exceptional Services by Exceptional People Infographic

purple magnifyer Our Goal

Foster a safe and healthy work environment, embrace an organizational culture and adopt management systems that empower and inspire our employees to be champions of excellent service delivery and innovative practices.

purple hammer How we will get there

Improving customer service

  • Implement a new Customer Experience Strategy

Transforming services through technology and innovation

Strengthening organizational capacity and effectiveness

  • Implement a corporate People Plan to put into place critical people-related actions to support the direction of the organization

purple ruler How we will measure our success

  • Overall internal and external customer satisfaction ratings
  • Percentage of services meeting targeted service standards
  • How many services are available online
  • Increase in usage of online services
  • Staff Satisfaction Survey

Other Goal Areas

Learn more about the other three goal areas in our strategic plan: