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Safe & Sustainable Community

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Safe and Sustainable Community

Our Goal

Protect the public and respect the natural and built environments through excellence in sustainable community planning, infrastructure management, and programs.

green hammerHow we will get there

Managing our transportation and road network

  • Implementing the Master Transportation Plan and monitor results
  • Implementing the Cycling, Pathways and Trails Plan
  • Continue to work with other levels of government to deliver road and transit infrastructure
  • Encourage compact, mixed-use development to reduce the amount of travel

Managing growth in Markham

Ensuring the reliability of the Corporation’s services

  • Advance the City’s emergency preparedness by completing business continuity plans in all departments
  • Proactively manage our City’s infrastructure and have plans in place to reduce risks

Protecting and respecting our built and natural environment

green rulerHow we will measure our success

  • Ratio of cycling and pedestrian paths vs. roads
  • Percentage of medium/high density housing vs. total number of houses
  • Community waste diversion rate
  • Percentage of travelers using each major type of transportation
  • Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions per capita

Other Goal Areas

Learn more about the other three goal areas in our strategic plan: