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Stewardship of Money & Resources

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Stewardship of Money and Resources

orange magnifier Our Goal

Demonstrate sound, transparent and responsible financial and resource management to mitigate risks while ensuring efficient and effective service delivery.

orange hammerHow we will get there

Ensuring a fiscally prudent and efficient municipality

  • Deliver multi-year Operating and Capital Budgets
  • Refresh E3 Strategy to increase non-tax revenues and maintain or lower operating costs in a growing Markham
  • Ensure growth and non-growth-related projects are fully funded
  • Ensure services are delivered efficiently

Stewardship of the City’s assets

  • Identify adequate funding in the Life Cycle Replacement and Capital Reserves Funds based on projected inflows to sustain future rehabilitation and replacement requirements for the next 25 years
  • Develop a Municipal Asset Management Plan in compliance with the Ontario Building Together Guide

Increasing transparency and accountability

  • Re-appoint an Auditor General to execute an Audit Plan for the organization
  • Develop transparency and accountability policy framework(s)

orange rulerHow we will measure our success

  • Financial position per capita
  • Debt per $100,000 of assessment
  • Total property tax per capita
  • Reserves as a percentage of revenues

Other Goal Areas

Learn more about the other three goal areas in our strategic plan: