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Markham in Motion

More of This, Less of That

A Pathway to Physical Literacy

The City of Markham is one of a select number of communities across the province awarded the Ontario Sport and Recreation Community Fund and RBC Learn to Play grants to GET ACTIVE, help reduce childhood obesity and help our youth lead healthier lifestyles. Through the Markham in Motion program, the City will enhance existing sports and recreation programs, help develop new ones and promote the development of physical literacy in children and youth.

What is Physical Literacy?

Physical literacy comes from developing a wide range of fundamental movement skills such as hopping, skipping, throwing, catching and jumping! Developing these skills at a young age helps children gain confidence and motivates them to lead healthier active lives as they grow up.


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Image courtesy of the Aspen Institute’s Project Play.

Get Started!

Give your child the best start in school, sport and life with City of Markham Recreation programs. Our programs have been designed to be an integral part of an active life; and they deliver a quality physical literacy experience. We provide high-quality learning environments on land, in water and on ice that offer encouragement, lots of opportunity to play and practice – and most importantly FUN!

Look for the M symbol symbol in the programming section of Markham Life magazine for programs that develop fundamental movement skills and promote physical literacy.

Register for programs today.

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Additional Resources

Learn more about physical literacy at Canadian Sport for Life or Active for Life.