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Markham’s public realm is defined as all the visible and accessible spaces, connections and buildings which enhance public life, promote civic pride and enliven the spirit of the City.

The public realm is where we live, work, socialize and play. It is made up of all the areas to which the public has access, including parks, walkways, bikeways, trails, boulevards, streets, laneways, parks, open spaces, wetlands and bridges. It also includes the publicly accessible space between buildings, along with the buildings and other structures that surround them.

The City of Markham is committed to enhancing and sustaining a unique and vibrant place to live, work, play and invest. It is based on providing quality designed, sustainable communities and developments which reflect and recognize a rich historical legacy.

Markham’s Public Realm Strategy aims to deliver an enhanced and complete public realm across the entire City.

What’s New

Learn more by reading the Public Realm Overview Brochure [PDF]

Public Realm Strategy Brochure

Public Realm Speaker Series

The Nature Effect: how investment in green space can improve a municipality’s bottom line

Watch the video presentation below by Dr. Faisal Moola of the David Suzuki Foundation.  

Watch the video presentation below by Emily Munroe of the 8-80 Cities.

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