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Engineering Services

The City’s Engineering Department is responsible for the planning, design approval, construction and inspection of engineering infrastructure.

The following documents are intended for use by City staff, Consulting Engineers, Designers, and Contractors designing and constructing engineering infrastructure that the City will own and operate:

    1. Engineering Standard Drawings
    2. Engineering Design Criteria
    3. Bicycling Facilities Design Criteria
    4. Municipal Inspection & Construction Guidelines
    5. Residential Lot Grading and Servicing Application Package
    6. Lot Grading Undertaking Release Request Form
    7. Ontario Provincial Standards
    8. Markham Stormwater Management Guidelines
    9. Environmental Policy and Procedures for Conveyance of Land to the City pursuant to the Planning Act

These documents do not relieve the users of the documents of the responsibility for preparing a competent engineering design and constructing the municipal infrastructure.

Any deviation from the City’s Standards Drawings and Design Criteria minimum requirements must demonstrate to be sound with respect to engineering, operation, and maintenance perspectives, and shall be subject to the approval of the City’s Director of Engineering.

Where no City’s Standard Drawings or Design Criteria exist, other guidelines/best practices such as the Ontario Provincial Standards (OPS) for Roads and Public Works, the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) - Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads, and the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) Design Guidelines (for Sewer Works and for Drinking-Water Systems) will be considered, subject to the approval of the City’s Director of Engineering.

Users may view or download these documents as individual PDF files.