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Residential Service Connection Application

To complete the online Residential Service Connection application process, the following information is required.

  1. Site plan/grading Plot plan (per Standard ML-1) showing a.
    • Proposed existing Basement Elevation
    • Proposed or existing underside of footing elevation
    • Proposed or existing finished floor elevation
    • Proposed location and invert elevation of storm/sanitary service connection
    • Location of proposed water service connection
    • All existing and proposed grading, topographic information, utilities etc.
  2. Sizing of Water service connection required
  3. Location of existing services.

Access the online Residential Service Connection application

Note: You will need to become a registered user prior to submitting your application online.

For further information or enquiries contact – Lily Lei 905-477-7000 extension 2032 or via e-mail at