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Urban Design Studies & Documents

Urban design principles are implemented through a broad framework of regulations, guidelines and incentives. This implementation framework includes secondary plans, precinct plans, comprehensive block plans, zoning by-laws, urban design standards and guidelines, and the design review panel.


Urban Design Studies & Documents

Markham Built Form, Height, and Massing Principles

A guide to inform the future of Markham’s built form. This document assembles a number of ‘best practices’ that can be employed in creating walkable, connected, and transit-supportive neighbourhoods and communities.





Trees for Tomorrow: Streetscape Manual

A manual aimed to preserve existing trees and canopy cover for development applications and City boulevards. The document provides specifications, details, and education for staff, developers, contractors, and residents.




Other Studies & Guidelines

Accessibility Design Guidelines

A guideline providing practical examples of solutions that can optimize accessibility for new construction or the renovation of existing facilities owned or leased by Markham.





Bird-Friendly Guidelines

A City-wide tool to encourage site and building design in a manner that minimizes the risk of strikes/collisions to birds residing in and migrating through Markham.





Drive-Through Facilities Design Guideline

A design guideline that looks to promote, properly assess, and achieve appropriate forms of drive-through development. This document assists in regulating the layout, built form, and appearance of drive-through facilities as well as in mitigating any adverse impacts.




Shared Places Our Spaces: Markham’s Public Realm Draft Strategy

Markham’s strategic plan for achieving successful public realm with public spaces that are well planned, designed, and managed.