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Markham’s Building and Development Plan Review Goes Online

ePlan logoThe City of Markham has started introducing a new online submission, review and approval process for building and development applications.

Markham's ePLAN will combine paperless end-to-end automation of the application, drawing submission, review and approval processes.

With ePLAN, your plans, drawings, studies and reports will be automatically circulated for simultaneous review and collaboration with city staff as you work toward having your building/development application approved.

ePLAN means efficiency

Users and City staff will enjoy improved efficiencies, including:

  • Reduced travel to the Markham Civic Centre
  • Reduced use of paper, fuel and carbon emissions
  • Cost savings with reduced need for printing, copying and couriers
  • Reduced need for office space to review and store paper plans
  • Faster turnaround time for approvals
  • Improved record keeping and accuracy throughout process
  • New opportunities to collaborate electronically and digitally

How does ePLAN work?


  • Create a new account or access your existing one
  • Submit your application, pay fees and upload documents, plans and renderings


  • All documents will be reviewed and commented on electronically
  • You will receive a notification when reviews have been completed by the City
  • Login to see mark-up of plans, make revisions, collaborate with city staff to address mark-ups and resubmit plans for further review (until approval)


  • Once complete, your plans will be automatically stamped and you will be notified by email to download final plans.

Who can use ePLAN now?

Anyone required to apply for a building permit has the option of providing their submission through ePLAN. So whether you're a homeowner planning an addition, a deck or a pool enclosure; a business needing to make internal alterations for a tenant fit-up or plumbing work; or if you're a seasoned developer ready to make repeat housing permit applications for a residential subdivision, you can contact the building department and get started today!

Markham's Building Standards Department
101 Town Centre Boulevard, Markham, Ontario, L3R 9W3 (Milliken entrance)
905-475-4870 or

Download the building permit ePLAN handbook and submission standards.

Using ePLAN in the future

By the end of 2017, we're adding Site Plan Approval to the range of applications you can submit online. All of our applicants from homeowners to architects to developers will be able to apply for a range of site plan applications through ePLAN. So if you're thinking about making a site plan application in a few months' time and would like to apply through ePLAN, please contact development services staff to find out more.

Markham’s Planning Department
101 Town Centre Boulevard, Markham, Ontario, L3R 9W3 (Thornhill entrance)
905-475-4861 or

ePlan made Easy

ePLAN does not require any additional software at your end, just access to the internet. We understand that learning a new process can take time and require assistance.

An ePLAN user handbook will be provided to our development application customers, as well as hands-on training if required. Our Planning staff will continue to be available for meetings or to help our over the phone.

It's our goal to make the transition to ePLAN manageable for all of our customers and we will continue to roll out our online submission services throughout 2018 by expanding the range of applications that you can apply for.