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Flood Control Program - Stormwater Fee

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What is Markham’s Flood Control Program?

Markham’s Flood Control Program is a long term, city-wide initiative to improve storm drainage capacity and to limit surface and basement flooding risks in urban areas. Work is already underway to help protect public and private property by making critical infrastructure more resilient to climate change.

What is Happening?work being completed on underground sewer

These flood control improvements will be funded through the new Stormwater Fee charged to all property owners, residential and non-residential. This annual fee of $47 per residential property and / or $27 per $100,000 of Current Value Assessment (CVA) for non-residential properties is applied to the Final Tax bill for each property owner in Markham effective in fall 2015 for residential property owners and fall 2016 for non-residential business and vacant land property owners.

Who Will Pay the New Fee?

To help fund the program, a Stormwater Fee is being charged to all properties, residential in 2015 and non-residential beginning in 2016. This fee, combined with funds from the Canada Gas Tax, will provide dedicated funds for both approved and future storm infrastructure improvement projects city-wide.

Pursuant to the City of Markham’s By-law 2015-130 “The Non-Residential Stormwater Fee rate of $29 per $100K of CVA is to be adjusted to compensate for the average change in CVA.” The resulting annual adjustments to the non-residential Stormwater Fee rate are summarized in the table below:


Non-Residential Rate per $100,000 in CVA







The adjusted non-residential Stormwater Fee rate is not retroactive – it is applicable to the year in which it was adjusted.

photo of a flooded street

Need more information?

To find out more about the City of Markham’s Flood Control Program including billing-related information, visit frequently asked questions. For more information regarding Council decisions related to the Stormwater fee, visit Council decisions and resolutions. For additional information call 905-477-5530 or email