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Accessibility in the Election

The Markham Clerk’s Office strives to remove barriers for all eligible voters in Markham who have a disability. Special equipment and processes will be provided at all Early Voting Locations during the Early Voting period only (October 17-23, 2014), for those who require assistance.

In the 2014 City of Markham Election, the following provisions will be available during the Early Voting Period (October 17-23, 2014), to assist persons with disabilities:


Internet Voting 

From the comfort and privacy of their own home, office or anywhere with a computer/mobile device and an Internet connection, eligible voters can vote, using their own assistive devices to read and mark the online ballot. Internet Voting will be available from October 17, 2014 at 9 a.m. EST until October 23, 2014 at 12 midnight EST. To vote online, electors must be on the Voters’ List and registered for Internet Voting by October 16, 2014. Find out more about Internet Voting now.

Voting equipment with audio ballot

Visually-impaired voters will be able to vote in total privacy, using voting equipment with an audio ballot. The voter will listen to a “human voice” explain the voting process and the list of candidates and then receive instructions on how to mark a ballot.

Sip and puff and paddles

Voting equipment will be outfitted with assistive tools like sip and puff and paddles to enable eligible voters with disabilities to mark the ballot without assistance.

Designated Voting Locations

All Designated Voting Locations have been inspected and are physically accessible. Election officials have been trained to assist voters in marking the ballot, and a relative or friend of an eligible voter may also assist in marking the ballot. The appropriate oath of a relative or friend will be administered by the Election Official. Service animals are also welcome at all Designated Voting Locations.

Magnifying sheets

Magnifying sheets are available at all Designated Voting Locations (upon request), to assist eligible voters with low vision, to read and mark the ballot.

Pen grips

Pen grips of various sizes will be available at all Designated Voting Locations, to assist voters with marking the ballot with marking pens.

In-person Voting Location Set-up














Electors should take advantage of Internet Voting as well as other convenient and accessible Early Voting opportunities so they can voice their choice by voting online or in line.