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Annual Budgets and Business Plans

Annual Budgets and Business Plans

Budget Award Crest 2014Each spring, staff begins working on the business plans for the following year for the City’s Business Units.

Each Business Unit develops its proposed operating budget and capital budget and identifies proposed objectives for the year ahead, in alignment with Council’s priorities and the City’s corporate goals.

In the fall, presentations are made to the City’s executive management team, to finalize the proposed initiatives to be undertaken the following year.

The proposed City budget is then presented to the Budget Committee. The eight members of Council that make up the Budget Committee begin their deliberations.

The Budget Committee, along with other Council members who attended the Committee’s meetings, help shape the budget and report progress to General Committee.

All Budget Committee meetings are open to public. The meetings are also audio streamed through Markham’s website. Notices of the Budget Committee meetings are advertised in the Economist & Sun, Thornhill Liberal and on Markham’s webpage.

As part of the Budget Committee’s meetings, a budget consultation meeting is also held. This provides an opportunity for residents, businesses and community leaders to obtain an overview of the City’s budget process and the status of the upcoming Budget. Attendees are invited to inquire about the budget and to provide feedback at these meetings.

At the end of the process, General Committee approves the proposed budget, which is then passed to Council for final approval.

Budget Documents

2018 Budget Cover

2018 City Budget







2017 City of Markham Budget

2017 City Budget







2016 City Budget Cover

2016 City Budget







2015 Budget Cover

2015 City Budget







2014 Budget Cover

2014 City Budget







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