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Annual Reports

Markham's Annual Report

Canadian Award for Financial Report 2016 Award photo

In addition to delivering the City’s audited consolidated financial statements, our annual report focuses on Markham's financial performance, fiscal responsibility, operational and service excellence.

The City of Markham’s annual reports have received the Canadian Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting from  Government Financial Officers Association (GFOA) for 16 consecutive years.

Annual Report Documents

  2017 Annual Report [PDF]

  Celebrating The Past
  Racing Towards the Future

  2017 was the sesquicentennial of Canadian Confederation, and with that, Markham celebrated our country and our city with pride in its diversity, strength of economy and exceptional peoples. Our year was highlighted with several celebrations, marking our past, and celebrating our bright future. We developed four legacy projects that provide beauty, history and open spaces for our families, our residents and our veterans. We opened our latest community centre – the Aaniin Community Centre & Library, bringing more activities, fitness, education and outreach to our communities. We’ve implemented programs and projects that increase road safety, protect our environment, and expand the use of renewable energies. And we’ve provided these and more exceptional services while maintaining the lowest tax rate increase in the GTA for 10 consecutive years! Find out more about all these amazing accomplishments here, in our 2018 Annual Report.

2016 Annual Report [PDF]

greenMarkham: A Healthier Community

Markham is a leader in sustainability – creating programs that reduce our city’s carbon footprint, engaging residents to think locally and globally, and supporting investments in sustainable practices, companies and efforts at the local level. Find out more about what Markham has done, and continues to do, to ensure our community remains sustainable, vibrant, thriving, diverse and resilient.

2015 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report [PDF]

Markham – Celebrating Our City

Read about our continued successes and accomplishments achieved through Markham’s new Strategic Plan, Building Markham’s Future Together: 2015-2019, as well as two new additions to the Annual Report: The Markham Sustainability Report and the 2015 Financial Statements Review.




2014 Annual Report2014 Annual Report [PDF]

Markham Welcomes the World






2013 Annual Report2013 Annual Report [PDF] - Updated January 2015

The 2013 annual report, Markham in Motion, highlights Markham’s success through its corporate strategy, Building Markham’s Future Together.






2012 Annual Report Cover

2012 Annual Report [PDF]

Our City, Our Vision, Our Success.






2011 Annual Report Cover

2011 Annual Report [PDF]

Markham, a Thriving City






2010 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report [PDF]

Markham, the Centre of Excellence






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