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Federal Gas Tax Projects

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) is pleased to facilitate a federal investment in environmentally sustainable municipal infrastructure through the use of Federal Gas Tax funding.

The funding, announced in the 2005 Federal Budget, will result in approximately $1.9 billion (equivalent to 5 cents-per-litre) flowing to Ontario municipalities for environmentally sustainable infrastructure between 2005-2009. Markham's portion will total $16.9 million over that time.

The City is working in partnership with the Government of Canada to use this groundbreaking new revenue source to build strong and sustainable communities that consist of:

  • a shared vision of community sustainability;
  • environmental, social, cultural and economic elements; and
  • enhancements to the quality of life.

The Federal Gas Tax is longer term predictable funding that will give the City the ability to invest in environmentally sustainable municipal infrastructure. It comes with the expectation that the investments will see Ontarians enjoying cleaner air, cleaner water and reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The Federal investment is not an application based initiative nor does it require matching funding. Rather it empowers the City of Markham to make investments within the parameters established in the agreement for the transfer of federal gas tax revenues under the New Deal for Cities and Communities between the Governments of Canada and Ontario, AMO and the City of Toronto signed June 17, 2005.

What types of infrastructure are eligible?

Environmentally sustainable municipal infrastructure projects within the following categories:

  • public transit
  • water
  • wastewater
  • solid waste
  • local roads
  • bridges and tunnels, including transportation infrastructure (e.g. bike lanes)
  • capacity building and community energy systems (e.g. rerofit municipal buildings and infrastructure)
Sign indicating municipal infrastructure project is funded by Federal Gas Tax.


Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has created a Gas Tax Fund Calculator to show how federal funding has helped communities across Canada.

FCM developed this calculator as part of their campaign to promote renewed federal funding for Municipal infrastructure, and the chart below shows Markham's projects funded between 2006-2011.

Projects funded between: 2006-2011

Each year, the Federal Gas Tax program additional projects will be added through the City's annual Capital Budget process.

Outcome Reports: The Municipal Funding Agreement For the Transfer of Federal Gas Tax Revenues Under The New Deal for Cities and Communities requires municipalities to demonstrate measurable environmental outcomes.


List of Federal Gas Tax Implementation Projects in Markham
Project Description

Active Transportation

Bike lanes & pathways This first part of the cycling network will see over 100 km of on-road signed routes and approximately 12 km of on-road bicycle lanes established. Future funding will be utilized to add another 70 km of signed routes and 30 km of bicycle lanes.
Cycling awareness program Program to educate public about cycling opportunities in the City, including map development, bikefest, and mobile signage.
New additional sidewalks along existing roads Installation of new sidewalks along existing roads to encourage active transportation.
Additional sidewalk replacement Repairs to existing sidewalks along existing roads to encourage and maintain active transportation.
Pathways Master Plan Implementation of a comprehensive network of Active Transportation facilities comprised of; off-road multi-use pathways, on-road bicycle lanes and signed routes, and sidewalks that will facilitate a variety of recreation, fitness and commuter needs.

Water Distribution Systems and Wastewater Systems

Accelerated Waterworks capital projects (infrastructure) Replace existing watermain and all the related appurtenances along Doncaster Avenue, from Yonge Street to 60m west of Henderson Avenue to improve the water supply capacity and the reliability in the area.

Outcome Report: Waterworks*  [PDF]

Solid Waste, Waste Diversion

Settlers Park Developing rehabilitation strategy for the former Sabiston Landfill site.

Community Energy Systems

Markham District Energy Develop and expand the District Energy System that provides heating and cooling energy for buildings within Markham Centre, as well as producing electricity for the local power grid. The system consists of energy plants and underground piping. The district energy plants utilize high efficiency natural gas boilers, chillers, thermal storage and a natural gas cogeneration system with waste heat recovery technology. The cogeneration system produces electricity for local distribution grid and recovers the waste heat exhaust (normally rejected to the atmosphere) from the generator and uses it for heating and cooling application. The piping distribution system consists of two pipes for heating (supply and return) and two pipes for cooling (supply and return). Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and improved air quality are the environmental benefits provided by the district energy system.
Green Roof Green Roof and/or other appropriate technologies which will have environmental benefits and serve as sustainable demonstration project(s) for the City.
Sustainability Plan Establishment of a Sustainability Office that will expand on the environmental management plan, provide coordination and integration around sustainability initiatives and an annual report to the community.

Local Roads, Bridges and Tunnels

Accelerated bridge repairs
(19th Ave. west of Hwy. 48)
Structure rehabilitation to reduce travel times and to enhance the overall safety.
Outcome Report: 19th Avenue West Bridge* [PDF]
Accelerated bridge repairs
(19th Ave. east of Hwy. 48)
Structure rehabilitation to reduce travel times and to enhance the overall safety.
Outcome Report: 19th Avenue East Bridge
* [PDF]
Accelerated bridge repairs
(Reesor Road)
Structure rehabilitation to reduce travel times and to enhance the overall safety.
Outcome Report: Reesor Road Bridge
*  [PDF]
Don Mills Ditch/Culvert Rehabilitation Rehabilitation of 10 culverts bounded by Steeles Avenue East upstream and by German Mills Creek downstream to improve the drainage area, thereby protecting the environment from contaminated water and providing enhanced protection from flooding.

* The information contained within the following worksheets was derived from a limited number of parameters using data readily available to municipalities for the purpose of demonstrating the reduction or avoidance of  CO2, a known contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, in undertaking road or bridge related infrastructure projects.  

For more information about Federal Gas Tax visit the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.

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