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Where Your Tax Dollars Go

Where Your Tax Dollars Go Banner

The City collects residential property taxes on behalf of York Region for regional municipal services, the Province of Ontario for education, and the City of Markham for local municipal services.

York Region

50.55% of your tax bill goes to York Region to fund regional services including: York Regional Police, York Region Transit and Viva Rapid Transit, emergency medical services, community and health services, social housing, water delivery and wastewater treatment, regional roads, and solid waste management.

Province of Ontario

24.33% of your tax bill goes to the Province of Ontario to fund education. The Province determines how much money is to be collected on behalf of the Boards of Education.

City of Markham

25.12% of your tax bill goes to the City of Markham to support local municipal services.

  • Region of York — 50.55%
  • City of Markham — 25.12%
    • Fire & Emergency Services — $0.29
    • Roads, Bridges & Sidewalks — $0.21
    • Parks Maintenance — $0.13
    • Library Services — $0.11
    • Recreation Services — $0.11
    • Waste, Recycling & Environmental Management — $0.08
    • Arts & Culture — $0.03
    • Planning & Development — $0.02
    • Bylaw Enforcement & Licensing — $0.02
  • Education — 24.33%
Residential Water and Wastewater services are funded through the City Water Rate and are not Property Tax funded.

FireFire Services

The City protects public safety and properties by delivering prevention and public education programs and responding to emergencies with an average response time of 6.8 minutes. In 2014, we answered 66,000 phone calls for assistance, responded to 6,826 emergencies resulting in 13,490 vehicle movements, promoted fire safety with over 340 school visits, conducted 3,473 property visits to ensure fire code compliance, provided over 30,000 hours of technical employee training, and maintained an emergency preparedness program for the community.



roads, bridges and sidewalksRoads, Bridges and Sidewalks

The City aims to provide safe and quality roads, bridges, culverts and sidewalks that support the safe travel of our residents, businesses, and visitors. We maintain 1,026 kms of municipal roads and sidewalks, 25 vehicular bridges, 228 culverts, and an integrated traffic system that includes 20,000 street name signs, 89 traffic signals, 27,749 streetlights, and 88 assisted school crossings. Snow removal is delivered by over 130 vehicles. All major North/South roads (such as McCowan) and East/West roads (such as Hwy. 7) are “regional roads” maintained by York Region and paid for in the regional portion of your tax bill.


parks and forestryParks Maintenance

The City is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 1,600 hectares of parkland, 15 kms of pathways, and 64 pedestrian bridges. Services include maintenance of park amenities, such as play structures, sports field structures, irrigation systems, parking facilities, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, cricket and rugby pitches and tennis courts. The City also maintains an estimated 130,000 street trees, 15 woodlots and addresses other issues, such as the emerald ash borer. Other services include urban forestry, the monitoring of natural areas and valley lands, horticulture & beautification programs, special events support, and monitoring of natural areas and valley lands.


LibraryLibrary Services

Library services are delivered through seven branches and online access to rich digital content. Our branches provide meeting spaces, safe children’s and teen areas, spaces for quiet study, content creation spaces, public computers, wireless service, programs, and almost 800,000 library items. In 2014, we had 2.3 million in-branch visits and 3 million online visits that accounted for 4.5 million books, movies and music borrowed. We also had 123,000 residents attending library programs in 2014.


recreationRecreation Services

The City provides residents with the opportunity to participate in lifelong wellness activities through services offered at five major Community Recreation Centres, the Markham Pan Am Centre and six smaller Community Centres, four community arenas, 3 indoor soccer locations, and four