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Summer Student Information

summer student information

The Summer Student Recruitment for this summer is underway. Recruitment for summer student positions commences in December and continues into Spring. Summer Student positions will be posted with other current employment opportunities on our website. Please visit current employment opportunities with the City of Markham.

What is a Summer Student?

To qualify for summer student employment with Markham, you must be:

  • currently enrolled full-time in a secondary, post-secondary or other educational institution and
  • returning to secondary, post-secondary, or other educational institution on a full-time basis in the next upcoming fall term.
  • Documentation regarding your student status will be required.

Which departments hire Summer Students?

a woman tending to potted plants90% of summer students are employed in three departments. These are:

Other departments that have hired summer students include:

  • ASSET MANAGEMENT – Construction & Utilities

What is a Summer Student General Application?

The Summer Student General Application is available until the end of March on the Markham Employment Opportunity webpage. The application can allow a student to apply for employment before or after summer student jobs have been posted. A student applicant can indicate which department he/she would like to work for in a resume and cover letter. Like any other application, there is no guarantee that an application will be considered in the recruitment process.

What are some tips to consider when applying for employment?

When completing an application, be sure to complete all sections of the application form and respond to all pre-screening questions. Also be sure to:

  • Describe any related work and/or volunteer experience.
  • Acknowledge relevant awards and certifications.
  • Outline any valid First Aid and CPR Certificates

Youth Entrepreneurship Programs

If you have a winning idea for starting a new business and are a student who is not afraid of hard work, then apply for Ontario's Summer Company Program.

Take charge of your future today with Summer Company, an Ontario government program for students from 15 to 29 years old. It provides hands-on business training, mentoring and financial support with awards up to $3,000 to help you get your summer business up and running.

For more information visit Markham Small Business Centre.

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