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The Markham Public Library strives to build a balanced collection to serve the public. We appreciate your ideas and contributions. Suggestions are evaluated according to our Library Collections & Material Selection Policy. [PDF]

We welcome suggestions for:

  • Authors, titles, or subjects of interest to you that would also be of interest to others.
  • Items of local interest, relating to Markham or Ontario.

Please do not suggest:

  • Items already available in the Library Catalogue.
  • Titles that are not yet published - notices are often issued months in advance.
  • Current popular titles and best-selling authors. The library automatically purchases widely from current publishing. Please check the catalogue periodically.
  • Out of print items.
  • Suggestions for magazines will be retained for review on an annual basis. Commitments to ongoing subscriptions must be carefully considered for criteria such as contribution to a subject area, or local interest.

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