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Creation Zone

The CAVE: Markham’s Media Makerspace

Equipment at Markham's Media Makerspace

Create and share videos, music, digital designs, and more—all for free for members of Markham Public Library!

The CAVE is a community media studio that also lends tech devices for making multimedia projects. You can borrow the tools you need (like cameras and hard drives) to make YouTube videos, MP3s, websites and more—then edit your work with in the studio with specialized software.

Want to record a song with friends, make a video for work, edit photos for family, or send a message overseas? You can borrow cameras, tripods and other equipment from The CAVE! Create or edit your projects too, in programs like Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, by booking a studio workstation.



3D Printer at MPLBring your ideas to life with the 3D printers now available at the Markham Public Library in our Angus Glen, Cornell and Thornhill Community Centre branches.  3D printing is a rapidly expanding field, with the popularity and uses for 3D printers growing every day.  The library is happy to offer this service to help you learn to use this technology and build your digital literacy skills in the process. You can enhance your school project, create your own custom jewelry, do some DIY home repairs or prototype your new idea.  Download existing designs or design your 3D object yourself using 3D modeling software, then make an appointment and bring your file to the Library to make your ideas reality!

Before using the 3D printer, you must be certified. We recommend that you complete the online eLearning modules and read through the links below to prepare for the Markham Public Library’s 3D printer quiz.

  1. Module 1: History of 3D Printing
  2. Module 2: How 3D Printing Works
  3. Module 3: Parts of the Printer
  4. Module 4: 3D Printer Health & Safety
  5. Tips for 3D Design [PDF]
  6. How to Use the Cubepro Software
  7. 3D Printer Certification Quiz


For information on how to book the 3D printers at MPL or where to go to download or create your own designs please see read through our 3D Printer Certification Handout [PDF] that accompanies the quiz and online learning modules.

Maker space at Aaniin Library to be announced.