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From the Ground Up

True or False

On until Winter 2019

On until October 1, 2017

A showcase of archaeological discoveries from excavations conducted on the Markham Museum grounds. Don't believe everything people say! Explore the truths behind facts and use deductive reasoning to find out the real truth!

Guys as Dolls

What is Markham

On until October 1, 2017

On permanent display

Explore thoughts and dreams of belonging, gender and identity with artist Walter Segers in his photo series "What I Did on my Summer Vacation" and James B. Fowler, Ken collector, in "Ken and Me". Explore the changes in our landscape, they way we worked, went to school and how we came together as a community over the past 100 years.

Heritage Buildings

KEVA Planks

On permanent display

On permanent display

Take a guided tour of the over 30 buildings and structures on Markham Museum's 25-acre site With imagination and just a little help from gravity, build structures and sculptures using identical KEVA construction blocks.