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In Our Own Words



On until April 24, 2017

This presentation features the exhibition A lifetime - Day by Day, Five Women and Their Diaries on loan from the Archives of Ontario. Through diary entries and objects, nine women including several local residents, capture simple details of daily life and record important community events. The voices and stories of some of their descendants provide relatable experiences and show how Markham has been influenced and driven by immigration. This project is featured in the Myseum Intersections festival. Learn more at



Social Life

Explore how women in Markham spent their leisure time. Search for violets around the exhibition and participate in one of their favourite pass times - wildflower hunting!



Work Life

Step into the Museum classroom and try your hand at cursive writing. Teachers were a highly regarded profession in Markham for young women. 



Family Life

Delve into the family lives of the featured women. In 19th century Markham, family was at the centre of community life.


Human Tapestry - Tell Your Story

Using the interactive wall, tell your story. Add your own line of yarn to help celebrate our similarities and our differences. 

Educational Programs

High School Programs

Mind your Ps and Qs is a two-part program for that will introduce high school students to the concepts of research and inquiry through interactive and hands-on activities focused around the Museums NEW Research Center and 1910 Print Shop.   Best practices for researching and how to use written, oral and visual communication will be practiced through the examination of original archival documents.  While the exciting evolution of text, printing, the English vocabulary, and information sharing then and now will be explored at the Print Shop.

Program is $7/student. 

For information on how to book, check out our Group Programs page

March Break Family Drop-in Program

Print, Paws & Paths
Explore communication at our newest exhibitions, Animal Gibberish and In Our Own Words. Visit our Print Shop to discover how humans communicate in past and present. Find out how insects talk on a nature walk to our Honey House. At each stop, pick up the supplies you`ll need to create your very own historical letter.

Dates: March 13-17 2017

Hours: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM 

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