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True or False

Opens May 1, 2017

Touching a toad gives you warts. You produce more earwax when you are stressed. Eating cheese after a meal prevents cavities. Sound can break glass. Peanuts are used in the making of dynamite.

Explore the five zones of the exhibition and stop at each station. Enigmas, popular beliefs, physical tests… One question: TRUE OR FALSE? With pictures, videos and demonstrations, you’ll learn the whole truth. Sceptics will be stunned.

Don’t believe everything people say!



Nature and Animals

Observe collection specimens. Use deduction to find out if the hen has descended from the tyrannosaurus. A puppet theatre with real and fake animals (unicorn, dragon, mermaid) allows children to have fun while adults take up challenges.


People and Nutrition

Here’s your chance to demystify a few popular beliefs. Verify the affirmations of the scientist Vitruvius on the human body proportions by measuring yourself. Is the length of your foot 1/7 of your height? Is the length of your hand, 1/10?



Science and Technoloy

To know if these affirmations are true, test them. Can we fool you about the functioning of the police radar system, the microwave or the flat iron? You’ll be given clear and concise explanations.



The Quiz zone has cozy seats and a big screen showing a diversity of affirmations one after another. Stunning videos come in support to create a dynamic ambience that brings out curiosity.


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