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Youth in the City of Markham

Youth in the Community

The City of Markham recognizes the importance of investing in youth as the current and future leaders of the community. Whether it's getting involved in a cause, volunteer hours, or taking some time for drop-in basketball, the City of Markham has it all! The City of Markham hosts a variety of youth councils on current topics. Get involved in your area and give back to your community.

Markham Youth Hub @ Armadale CC

Whatever you need, we got it! Drop-in and chill with your friends!

Where? Armadale Community Centre
When? Monday to Friday from 4-8pm

What is there to do?

  • Listen to some tunes or create a mash-up with our DJ equipment
  • Make new friends at movie night
  • Get in the game with some sports
  • Geek out with video games
  • Get ahead with workshops & mentorship opportunities
  • Overcome life challenges with support you can count on

Markham Mayor's Youth Council

Contact: Marta Wrzal


  1. The Youth Council shall act in an advisory capacity, and provide advice on issues of concern to youth.
  2. The Youth Council shall act in an advocacy role, and provide new ideas and views to council and staff.
  3. The Youth Council shall raise awareness in the community through planned events (e.g. Youth Week, Youth Conferences, Youth Job Fair, etc.).
  4. The Youth Council shall encourage youth participation within the community.

Markham Youth Council




Contact: Lindsay Bontoft at

The Markham Youth Council (MYC) plans and executes special events in the community throughout the year! We promote volunteerism, community engagement, and FUN!

Based out of Centennial Community Centre, 8600 McCowan Road, just north of Markville Mall, MYC has strived to build a community of awareness and togetherness since 1989.

Now, we work together with other Youth Councils (MYTF, Milliken, Unionville, and Thornhill) to empower youth to make a difference in the community of Markham.

Junior Markham Youth Council

Grades 6-8 (run out of Cornell Community Centre)

Contact: Luke Hilts


  • To act in an advisory capacity, provide advice on issues of concern to youth
  • To raise awareness in the community in the community through planned events (ie: Youth Week).
  • To encourage youth participation within the community
  • To identify/develop opportunities to strengthen programs/services that will benefit and engage youth
  • To identify local leaders and reward examples of good citizenship and positive role modeling
  • To research and develop opportunities to positively profile youth in the community

Milliken Mills Youth Council

Contact: Claire Nicolson

Log into Facebook and check out the Milliken Youth Council Facebook Page.

Milliken Youth Council is a group of talented students in local high schools and elementary schools who come together plan and run events such as dances, various sport tournament, and many more. These students are motivated to give back to the community.

Thornhill Youth Council

Contact: Maria Cardozo

hornhill Youth Council is a group of high school students dedicated to uniting the Thornhill community.


We hold various events and initiatives with the intent of making a positive contribution to the well-being of our community as well as reaching out to fund raise for local and global charities.

After having been initially founded in the 1990’s, the Thornhill Youth Council returned to playing an active role in the Thornhill Region in 2008. Run by a group of dedicated youth, the council has been involved in the organization of events and initiatives aimed at supporting local charities, and promoting specific causes. For the upcoming 2016-2017 year, we will make it our goal to continue having a positive impact on our surrounding community, as well as establishing our presence and voice throughout 

Unionville Youth Council

Contact: Don Roe at

With over 30 members today in our council, our council consist of talented youth from all around Unionville who uses their skills to help make our events a success.


Our focus is to engage youth from all across Markham by promoting volunteerism and creating a safe and healthy environment that will allow them to strive in. We run fun events throughout the year such as Markham Idol that allows for youth to let their voice be heard. We also plan fun events such as Spring Carnival that allows for youth to have fun. Besides just helping youth, our council focuses on helping all age groups at our regular events at Unionville Home Society as well as Masters Pantry food bank.

General Mandate (i.e. MYTF's)

To provide local youth a voice by which they may give input and develop initiatives to enhance youth opportunities within the Town of Markham. Founded in 1994 by mayor Don Cousens. 


Volunteer work is a great way to get involved in your community and gain valuable job experience. Become a volunteer!

Youth Programs in the City of Markham

Whether you're interested in sports or prefer art activities, the City of Markham has the program for you. Both registered and drop in programs are available.