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We are looking for volunteers who are 14 years of age or older and who can make a minimum commitment of 6 hours on Sunday, September 23

It is only through the help of many volunteers that we are able to host Markham Cycling Day. Our volunteers are our friendly ambassadors who set up booths and provide on-site support. They are vital to the success of this annual event.

Volunteer at Markham Cycling Day — Apply to volunteer now: CLICK HERE

Volunteer Descriptions


Accept registrations and verify completed waiver forms. Hand out sponsor literature. Hand out wristbands and giveaways to children’s races participants for the age group entered. Hand out maps, wristbands and giveaways to Tour participants for the tour entered.

Race Control

Identify first second and third place riders as they cross the finish line. Hand out participation ribbons to all other participants under 10 years of age. Monitor Starting Line. Assist racers at corners, informing them of upcoming turns and directions. Move traffic pylons as required for races of different lengths. You may also assist participants in locating the parking area. Assist spectators in crossing the children’s  bicycle race course.

Race Pacer (required bicycle)

As part of the Race Control team, you will be the lead rider in front of the race group or the sweeper on the race course riding with the racers.

Food Server

Assist with serving lunch to eligible participants. Assist with handing out and collecting tickets for lunch. Assist with on-spot lunch purchases.

Information Booth / Greeter

Greet participants as they arrive. Assist participants and spectators in locating desired locations and scheduled events. Additionally assist with set- up and tear-down of booths including placement of tables, banners, traffic pylons, barricades and directional signs as required.

Bike Decorations

Assist younger children in adding decorations to their bicycles. Keep the area clean and tidy, and monitor the supply of decorations.

Tour route support (required bicycle)

Remain at a certain point on the course to keep a watchful eye on traffic, keep people on track and provide encouragement. Assist Tour de Markham riders in correct direction. Experienced volunteers may also lead a tour

Rest Stop attendance

Provide water and snacks to Tour de Markham riders at a designated rest stop.

If you have any questions about volunteering at the event please contact