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About Volunteering

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the City of Markham! Within the City, there are many departments in which you can volunteer: Aquatics, Recreation, Culture (Markham Museum, Varley Art Gallery, and Flato Markham Theatre), Markham Public Library, Environment, Emergency Preparedness, and more!
We look forward to having you be a part of our volunteer team. Volunteers should be a minimum of 14 years old.


As a volunteer, we ask that you: 

  1. Strive to achieve excellence and display leadership through volunteerism while providing a safe, fun atmosphere in which participants and guests are able to experience community life to the greatest extent.
  2. Support the corporate mission to work with the community to provide high quality municipal services that meet, if not exceed, the expectations of City of Markham residents and businesses.



As you join our team of volunteers, we asked that you embrace two core values creativity and resourcefulness.  These are the cornerstones of the City of Markham’s Volunteer Program. The City of Markham has a vibrant and diverse cultural background. By combining the various skill sets, resources and imagination of our residents, no challenge is impossible to overcome.

Code of Conduct

As a volunteer, you agree to:

  1. Display respect, dignity and professionalism towards all individuals involved in municipal programming. 
  2. Conduct yourself as a positive role model and as a representative of the City of Markham. 
  3. Refrain from public criticism of other volunteers, City of Markham staff , participants and services. 
  4. Uphold the mission, values and strategic priorities of the City of Markham. 
  5. Uphold and implement all departmental policies and procedures that pertain to a volunteer.
  6. Refrain from use of profane, insulting, or otherwise offensive language. 
  7. At no point during your shift, and while you remain at the venue/site where you have been volunteering, be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or banned substances. Our facilities are smoke free. 
  8. Never provide other volunteers, participants, or guests with drugs, alcohol or tobacco products. 
  9. Constantly display high personal standards by dressing appropriately and adhering to the specific dress code of your role. 
  10. Contribute to a positive working environment. 
  11. Maintain confidentiality and respect the privacy of others.


General Volunteer Responsibilities

  1. Foster a positive learning environment.
  2. Fulfill your responsibilities in a timely fashion. 
  3. Possess all required certifications and training prior to the start of a volunteer role. 
  4. Keep an accurate record of volunteer hours and log the information in your online profi le.
  5. Report all absences to your supervisor well in advance to ensure alternate arrangements can be made.
  6. Understand and execute all aspects of the position description to the best of your ability.
  7. Work in partnership with City of Markham staff and fellow volunteers. 
  8. Have your supervisor and/or another instructor assist you in handling difficult situations.