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Pet Connect Rewards

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New in 2014 is the PetConnect Rewards Card Program for licensed pet owners. The program promotes responsible pet ownership by providing pet owners with a rewards card that is redeemable for discounts at more than 70 stores and services in Markham.

New PetConnect cards will be issued with your 2015 licence.

For more information visit or see our PetConnect Frequently Asked Questions [PDF].

Please note: The City of Markham are not the vendors of the offers, are providing no representations or warranties in respect of any of the offers and assume no responsibility for the offers in any respect. PetConnect and the City of Markham shall not be liable to the Buyer or any participant for or in respect of any inaccuracy or other misrepresentation in the PetConnect Rewards or other description of the offer or item, any failure of the participating merchants (“Retailers”) to fulfill or honour the card offer, or for the failure of the item to perform as expected. Participating merchants (“Retailers”) and details of their special PetConnect Reward offers are subject to cancellation, removal, or change at any time, without notice.