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Family Fireworks Permit

Family Fireworks means low hazard fireworks for recreation (i.e. religious ceremony/celebrations, birthdays etc.) and includes but is not limited to Fireworks showers, fountains, sparklers, pinwheels, roman candles, and other similar devices, but does not include Cherry bombs, flash crackers, firecrackers, throw down and step on torpedoes, smoke bombs, table rockets and other such devices. Every person who sets off Family Fireworks shall provide and maintain a fully operational fire extinguishing equipment ready for immediate use.


  • Family fireworks shall be secured in a stable base (i.e. a bucket of sand)
  • A suitable means of lighting fireworks shall be utilized (i.e. butane barbeque lighter, ignition stick).
  • Disposal of defective fireworks shall be in accordance with manufacturer's instructions or returned to the distributor or manufacturer for proper disposal.
  • Disposal of used fireworks shall be in accordance with manufacturer's instructions or soaked in water overnight prior to disposal.
  • All fireworks used must be approved by the explosives act for sale or use in Canada.
  • Spectators must remain a safe distance away from the fireworks display (follow manufacturer’s instructions).
  • Never leave fireworks unattended.

The permit fee is $50.00 and is collected as part of this online application process.

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