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Fire Safety Plans

The Ontario Fire Code, Div. B, Section 2.8 provides for the required preparation, approval, and implementation of a fire safety plan for most buildings and occupancies.

A fire safety plan helps to ensure effective utilization of fire safety systems, equipment and procedures in a building to protect people from fire. The plan should be customized to mirror the resources of each individual building or complex of buildings, and are to be reviewed as often as necessary, but at intervals not greater than 12 months to ensure they take into account changes in the use and other characteristics of the building.

For occupancies that are larger and more complex, you are strongly recommended to enlist a consultant to assist you in the preparation of your fire safety plan.

Submission of Drawings

There are two ways to submit the required drawings (Site Plan and Floor Plan):

  • Email your plans in an electronic format
  • Mail a hard copy of the plans in 8 by 11 format.
  • Schematic IconsMS Word document

Remember to include the building address for the plans and your contact information. Note: Drawings must be submitted with your Fire Safety Plan for approval.

The naming convention to be used for all files is the street address of the business to which the FSP pertains.
For example: 101 Town Centre Blvd.doc and 101 Town Centre Blvd Site Plan.tif and 101 Town Centre Blvd Floor Plan.jpg

For more information, contact:

Fire Prevention Division
Markham Fire & Emergency Services
905-477-7000 extension 2210

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