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Excess Load Permit Application

The Excess Load Exemption Permit allows The City of Markham to grant temporary exemptions to the maximum allowable weight or size of commercial vehicles accessing Markham Roads. There are three categories of load restrictions:

Year-Round Load Restrictions, By-Law 2012-54
Low volume rural roads that have not been upgraded to modern road standards are posted as half load roads and are subject to a maximum load of 5 tonnes per axle.

Spring Load Restrictions, By-Law 2012-53
With the exception of roads listed in By-law 2012-53, Markham roads are subject to a maximum load of 5 tonnes per axle between March 1 and April 30 or as determined by the Director of Operations. Exemptions are not usually issued during Spring Load Restrictions.

Other Roads and Times of Year
Roads not subjected to Year Round or Spring Load restrictions, are subject to maximum weights and size restrictions as specified by the Highway Traffic Act.

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