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Road Occupancy Permits

Road Occupancy Permits

Contractors, homeowners and others who are planning any activity (such as, but not limited to construction, landscaping,[etc) that may cause a public road to be blocked in any way, including restricting access, disrupting vehicular/pedestrian traffic flow and/or placing materials of any kind on the roadway must obtain a Road Occupancy Permit before starting any work.

Public Road Allowance

The public road allowance is property that is under the jurisdiction of the City of Markham, including the roadway, boulevard, sidewalk and in most cases a landscaped portion adjacent to each residential/commercial property.

Examples of Activities Requiring a Road Occupancy Permit:

  • Placement of a moving container or disposal bin;
  • Short duration storage of construction or landscaping materials beyond the limits of private property;
  • Crossing the boulevard to gain site access where there is no depressed curb or paved driveway;
  • Where the road will be occupied by workers or equipment to support construction or other activities; or
  • Where the sidewalk will be obstructed, resulting in a disruption to pedestrian traffic.

Why are permits required?

The public road allowance is shared space which is used to deliver services and allow efficient, unencumbered access to every property by citizens within Markham.  Permitting allows the City to:

  • confirm the necessity of each disturbance;
  • ensure road usage is carried out in a safe manner;
  • coordinate activities to reduce public impact; and
  • ensure City assets are protected from damages.

Additional Information

A minimum of three (3) days is required to review and issue a permit.  Each permit has a minimum fee of $50.

Permit Application

Road Occupancy Permit Application [PDF]

Related Documents

Road Occupancy Bylaw 2013-163 [PDF]