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Speed Management

Speed Management

safe streetsThe primary objective of this program is to educate and change driver behavior, thereby increasing driver compliance with the posted speed limit. To affect positive behavioural change, communication must be relevant and meaningful to the drivers.

In response to speeding concerns received, qualified staff first conduct an evaluation of the affected street to determine if any deficiencies exist that could be remedied through traffic control devices or improved signage. If problems persist, the street may be considered as a candidate to receive a speed radar display board. Candidate streets are chosen based on a comprehensive point-ranking system that assesses multiple technical criteria. Criteria includes, but is not limited to vehicle speed, volume, collisions, provision of sidewalks and proximity to schools.

The City has 24 speed display boards (3 per ward) that are installed on priority streets for a 3-month period. Using radar technology, the boards have the ability to capture vehicle speeds and display them back to the driver, advising them if they are travelling too fast. Before/after studies have shown a significant reduction in vehicle speeds on streets where these devices are installed.

If you would like your street to be evaluated, please contact the Contact Centre at 905-475-4707 or at

The location of the speed display boards is provided below (as of April 2, 2018).

Ward Street Name Section
1 Clark Ave.
Between Henderson Ave. &  Johnson St.
1 Elgin St.
Between Dudley Ave. and Henderson Ave.  
1 Laureleaf Rd.
Between Limcombe Dr. & Hammok Cres.  
2 Corby Rd.
Between Barlow Rd. & Ingleborough Ct.  
2 Prince Regent St.
At Victoria Square Park  
2 Oakford Dr.
Between Markland St. & Moss Creek Blvd.  
3 South Unionville Ave.
At Ray Street Park  
3 Manhattan Dr.
At Lincoln Park  
3 Riverbend Rd.  
Between Sabiston Dr. & Piera Gardens  
4 Wootten Way South
Between Delmark Blvd. & Major Buttons Dr.  
4 Fincham Ave.
Between 9 th Line & Wootten Way North  
4 Delmark Blvd.
Between 9 th Line & Standish Cres.  
5 Castlemore Ave.  
Between Swan Park Rd. & Delray Dr.
5 Country Glen Rd.
Between Church St. & Cornell Park Ave.
5 Cornell Rouge Blvd.
At Black Walnut Park  
6 Angus Glen Blvd.  
Between The Fairways & Royal Troon Cres.  
6 Roy Rainey Ave.  
San Lorenzo Ruiz Catholic Elementary School Zone
6 Ralph Chalmers Ave.  
Between Fred McLaren Blvd. & Major Mackenzie Dr. E
7 Brando Ave.
Ellen Fairclough Public School Zone  
7 Fieldside St.
David Suzuki Public School Zone  
7 Riverwalk Dr.
Between Oakborough Dr. & Rizal Ave.
8 Beckenridge Dr.
Between Snowcrest Ct. & Ravenhill Cres.
8 Eden Ave.
Between Dowling Cir. & Brackin Rd.  
Pond Dr.
At Vanhorn Park  


Photo RadarYork Regional Police routinely conduct enforcement of the regulations outlined in the Highway Traffic Act, such as stop sign compliance and speeding.All selected candidate streets will be forwarded to York Regional Police to provide additional enforcement. Residents are also encouraged to use York Region’s Road Watch Program, where they are able to report aggressive drivers to police.