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How To Reduce Indoor Water Use

Indoor Water Saving Tips for Your Home

Markham is fortunate to have access to an abundant supply of the world’s fresh water, but we only have one source and share it with over 9 million people in Ontario and New York State. The cost of clean water continues to rise as Markham meets the demands of an increasing population, attends to the expansion and maintenance of infrastructure, and complies with public health standards. Being water efficient protects our environment and our drinking water supply for today and for future generations – and it can also save you money!

Lower your water consumption and promote a more sustainable future by following the easy tips below or click on the images to learn more.


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WaterSense and Energy Star logosWater Efficient Labels

Look for WaterSense and Energy Star labels!

WaterSense®External link and ENERGY STAR®External link are labelling programs that help you choose water and energy efficient fixtures and appliances. WaterSense and Energy Star products are tested by independent third-parties to measure efficiency, performance and quality.

You will find faucets, showerheads and toilets with the Watersense label in local stores. For dishwashers and clothes washers, Energy Star is the current rating system. Some stores have their own efficiency labels; however, WaterSense and Energy Star are the most reliable choice.


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low-flow toiletToilets 

Toilets can being water wasters!

Older toilets (installed prior to 1994) can use between 13-20 litres of water per flush and an average person flushes the toilet 5 times per day. Replacing a high volume toilet is one of the best ways to reduce water use and save money.

New toilets are very efficient. WaterSense guidelines require single flush toilets to use only 4.8 litres or less, and dual flush toilets use 6 litres, with a reduced flush of 4.1 litres or less.

Never use the toilet as a garbage bin as these items can block your home's plumbing system resulting in costly repairs for both the homeowner and the City.