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Water Consumption

How to Determine Your Water Consumption

You can calculate your water consumption for various activities by recording your water meter reading before and after, and subtracting the difference. It is important to shut off all other water use in your home other than the appliance or activity you are measuring or the calculation will be inaccurate.

This method also works to calculate water use of a given time period. Simply record the water meter reading at the beginning and end of a given time frame and subtract the difference.

High Water Bills and Checking for Leaks

If you receive an abnormally high water bill, you may have leaks inside your plumbing system. Property owners are responsible for internal plumbing systems. If there is a leak in your plumbing, please contact a plumber. Property owners are responsible to pay for water consumption in accordance with the meter reading recorded.

To check your water consumption:

  1. Turn off all water fixtures, including humidifiers, air conditioners and icemakers.
  2. Record your water meter reading (Learn more about how to read your water meter).
  3. Do not use any water over a period of several hours.
  4. Check your water meter reading. If the reading has not changed when you return, your plumbing is watertight. If your meter reading does change, you may have a leaky faucet, toilet or pipe.

The City offers an option to test water meters to verify reading accuracy. If the test proves the meter reading was accurate, testing costs will be charged to the property owner. If the test shows that the meter was inaccurate, the City will repair or replace the water meter, waive the testing cost, and adjust your bill accordingly. For more information on water billing, please visit our Rates and Billing page.

To have your water meter tested please call Markham’s Contact Centre at 905-477-5530.

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