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Free Activities

Milliken Children's Festival - Free Activities

The Play Zones are free for all and give kids an opportunity to embrace energetic outdoor play. 

Art Zone

Young artists will learn, explore and have fun in this relaxed and creative zone.

Building Zone

Tools and materials will be provided so children can complete their own construction project in this safe and supervised environment.

Game Zone

Children will get a chance to play with fun, interactive games. Kids can also come out to learn and play in a supervised chess tournament.

Garden Zone

Give your green thumb a workout in the Garden Zone.

Imagination Market

This zone is full of excitement and creativity. Explore your limits in innovation and come and create a world of fun.

Library Zone

Brought to you by Markham Public Libraries, this zone presents stimulating and enjoyable challenges and activities for children of all ages!

Pre-School Zone

Have the children come out to see the biggest toy room ever.

Science Zone

Discover the world of science. Try your hand at some fun, educational, mind-blowing experiments.

York Region Paramedic Zone

Come and meet paramedics, explore an ambulance and learn about Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Also get hands-on experience with equipment used by paramedics.