Current Projects

The Asset Management Department is currently working on the following capital projects:

Corporate Asset Management Review

The intent of this assignment is to complete a strategic level review of the City’s Corporate Asset Management (CAM) activities and to create a ‘roadmap’ of activities that the City can plan and implement. The roadmap will provide detailed needs for near term activities and high level details for medium and long term tasks. The intent of this project and the resulting roadmap is to enable the City to mature their Asset Management (AM) practices to be able to proactively plan infrastructure investments on the right assets at the right time for the right benefit to customer Levels of Service (LOS).

Staff in relevant departments will be interviewed and current practices/initiatives will be reviewed to identify long term AM objectives and identify key projects. Current corporate best practices will be reviewed, outlining a variety of successful strategies implemented by other Canadian municipalities in order to highlight the return on investments that AM approaches can achieve. This will result in an asset management roadmap, tailored to the needs of the City. The resulting projects will be scoped, and cost and resource estimates provided to assist with later implementation and procurement phases.

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