COVID-19 Screening At City Facilities & Amenities

Keeping our community healthy & safe

The City of Markham has launched SimpleTrack – a new and improved screening program to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Upon arrival at any City facility or amenity, you will be required to complete a mandatory COVID-19 screening before entering.

Remember to:

Wear a mask

Wear a mask or face
covering at all times

Keep a safe distance

Keep a safe distance
from others

hand sanitizer

Use hand sanitizer
upon entry

The new digital self-serve solution for COVID-19 screening supports increased physical distancing and reduced touch points by using your personal mobile phone and a QR code.

For those without a mobile phone, an alternative method to complete the screening process will be provided at each site.

SimpleTrack is meant to ensure City facilities and amenities continue to remain safe for our staff and visitors. If there is a COVID-19 case at a City facility or amenity, this program can more rapidly identify visitors and staff that require immediate instruction from Public Health to minimize the risk of an outbreak.

The active screening process is a directive from the Government of Ontario, and is mandatory for any City staff, Members of Council, and visitors entering a City of Markham facility or amenity until further notice.

During these challenging and unprecedented times, the health and safety of our community and employees is our number one priority, and we are committed to protecting your privacy.

As we navigate the pandemic together, the City of Markham continues to monitor and follow advice from public health officials at the federal, provincial and regional levels.

The City is taking a responsible and measured approach to reopening, which is guided by the Government of Ontario’s Roadmap to Reopen and the City of Markham’s Response, Recovery & Reinvention Plan.

Let’s keep one another and our loved ones safe. Every action counts. Do your part. Help stop the spread of COVID-19.

We are all in this together!


The City of Markham has conducted a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and security threat risk assessment to ensure proper privacy and security protections are in place. The information collected in this form will be used to screen you for COVID-19 risk factors prior to entering a City facility. In the event of a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis that coincides with your visit to a City facility, your name and contact information will be provided to public health authorities for purposes of contact tracing in accordance with provincial instruction. Ontario’s health privacy legislation, Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) establishes the rules regarding your personal health information.

Checklist - Enforcing COVID-19 Regulations
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