Government of Canada

  • Authorize vaccines for use in Canada

  • Procure vaccines & related supplies

  • Work with vaccine manufacturers to ensure safe & timely delivery of vaccines to provinces & territories

  • Provide scientific guidance on vaccine use

  • Support provinces & territories in managing logistics

  • Ongoing monitoring of vaccine safety throughout Canada

Learn more on the Government of Canada website.

Province of Ontario

  • Distribute vaccines & supplies received from the Government of Canada
  • Prioritize rollout across Ontario

  • Track volumes of vaccines administered

Learn more on the Province of Ontario’s website.

Regional Municipality of York

  • Distribute and administers vaccines

  • Manage vaccination rollout within York Region based on the Province’s plan & contingent on Federal supply

  • Manage bookings for priority populations and those eligible to receive the vaccine under the Provincial rollout plan

  • Safely store vaccine received from the Province of Ontario

Learn more on the Regional Municipality of York’s website.

City of Markham

  • Providing non-clinical support to the Region of York

Download COVID-19 Vaccination – Government Roles & Responsibilities [PDF]

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