As part of the City of Markham’s commitment to accountability and transparency, a catalogue of Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests received under MFIPPA has been compiled into an Excel spreadsheet. Any information pertaining to personal information (e.g., names) and other identifying information (e.g., addresses) have been removed from the dataset to ensure the protection of privacy of individuals and requestors. Where information has been removed, it is stated so in the catalogue. This list will be made available beginning January 1, 2017, on a quarterly basis and will include all requests that were closed during the previous quarter.

Should you require a copy of any of the records responsive to these requests received under MFIPPA, please contact Alida Tari, Manager, Access & Privacy at 905.477.7000 extension 2082 or by email at and reference the associated request number. While there is no fee associated with filing a request for these records, the standard reproduction fees apply as follows:

  • Record Preparation: $7.50 per ¼ hour required to prepare records and release;
  • Photocopying: $0.20 per page;
  • Computer Programming: $15.00 per ¼ hour if needed to develop program to retrieve information;
  • Flashdrive: $10.00 for each disk

MFIPPA Requests Disclosure Summary

Activity Report for the period October – December 2015

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