• To conduct investigations into requests made by a member of the public, Council, or a Member of Council, into whether a Member of Council has contravened the Code of Conduct;
  • To determine whether a Member of Council has in fact contravened the Code of Conduct and report any violation with a recommendation for sanction, in accordance with the Municipal Act, in a report to Council;
  • Provide written and oral advice to individual Members of Council at their request regarding situations covered under the Code of Conduct and other policies and protocols governing the ethical behaviour of Council;
  • To provide Council with specific and general opinions and advice on the City’s policies and protocols regulating the conduct of Members of Council and issues of compliance with those policies and protocols;
  • To publish an annual report on the work of the Integrity Commissioner throughout the year, including examples in general terms of advice rendered and complaints received and disposed of; and,
  • To provide general advice to Members of Council on issues of ethics and integrity including codes of conduct, policies, protocols and office procedures, and emphasizing the importance of ethics for public confidence in municipal government.
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