1. What is the Celebrate Markham Grant Program?

This is an annual grant for project-specific grants to non-profit community organizations for arts, culture, sports and seniors’ programs. Applicants are strongly encouraged to cost-share, or seek assistance from other funding sources.

2. What is the amount of the Fund?

Total Celebrate Markham Fund for 2021-2022 is $370,000.

3. What types of grants are available?

There are 4 different grant categories with specific fund amounts and different funding/eligibility criteria. Each has its own application form available online.

  1. Cultural Events and Programs* (max. grant per recipient is $5,000);
  2. Major Community Festivals (max. grant per recipient is $10,000);
  3. Sports Events (max. grant per recipient is $10,000); for International/World level sports events: up to $20,000;
  4. Seniors’ Clubs (max. grant per recipient is $3,000).

* Up to 50% of the Cultural Events and Programs category allocation is available to new organizations that have not received funding from the Celebrate Markham Fund in the past three (3) years for events, activities and programs that promote the objectives of the City of Markham’s Culture Plan, as determined through the Application assessment process.

4. Who is eligible for a Celebrate Markham grant?

The fund is intended for not-for-profit organizations based and/or operated in the City of Markham. Not-for-profit organizations operate without financial gain for its members or directors. Eligibility requirements are contained in the “General Criteria for All Fund Categories” in the Grant Program Guidelines posted on the Celebrate Markham webpage. Individuals and “for profit” organizations are not eligible for funding through this program.

5. When are applications being accepted?

Applications for projects/events to be delivered between April 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022 (the 2021-2022 Funding Cycle) are open as of Monday, October 5, 2020 and will close on Thursday, November 19, 2020, 4:00pm).

The approval process from application deadline to the decision is between 3 to 5 months. If a grant is successful, an organization will be advised that a grant is offered. Payment of the grant is made after the grant conditions have been accepted/fulfilled.

6. Where are completed applications submitted?

Completed applications are to be emailed to celebratemarkham@markham.ca by the specified deadline.

7. Will you be penalized if you miss the deadline?

Yes. Applications are required to be submitted by the deadline date and time, as specified; otherwise they will not be accepted. Deadlines are applied to all applicants to ensure a fair process.

8. What if the organization has a project that falls under more than one category?

Applicants will have to select the category that best fits their proposal.

9. Our project does not fall under any of the fund categories. Can I still apply?

No. To be considered, all applications must align with the Celebrate Markham Grant Program.

10. How many applications can an organization submit?

You may apply for multiple grants for different projects in different funding categories. However, a separate application is required for each request. Each application is assessed on its own merit, independent of other applications submitted by the same applicant. Only one grant will be awarded per organization per funding cycle.

11. Which faith based organizations can apply?

Faith-based organizations that are registered charities, or incorporated nonprofits, are eligible to receive City of Markham grants for the delivery of programs or services that serve the broader community in which they are located and that are not religious activities.

12. What does a workplan include?

This plan should clearly identify implementation steps, show that the scale of the project is realistic, provide a schedule for completion, identify monitoring and evaluation data and show that there are attainable targets to be accomplished.

13. Is there a description of the grant review process I can see?

A full description of the grant approval process is included in the Grant Program Guidelines which are posted on the Celebrate Markham webpage.

14. How long does the review process for Celebrate Markham applications take?

The application review process from application deadline to the decision is approximately 5 months. If the application is successful, an organization will be advised that a grant is offered. Payment of the grant by the City is made after the grant conditions have been accepted/fulfilled and 2 months prior to the project start, as stated on the application form. Please note that proof of insurance and articles of incorporation/letters patent, or equivalent documentation confirming that an organization is a non-profit, will be required prior to release of funding.

15. How does Markham evaluate Celebrate Markham applications?

An Interdepartmental Staff Review Committee will review all applications against all assessment criteria. Your application is reviewed for eligibility, completeness, and how well your project fits with your chosen category. Key considerations include:

  • Organization readiness;
  • Project merit;
  • Community benefits and impacts that result from your project;
  • That you have a clear plan to achieve results;
  • There is sound financial management of the project; and,
  • You have other sources of revenue than just the City of Markham.

Applicants must ensure they meet the criteria, and be clear and precise when answering the questions in the application.

16. Will grant recipients be identified on the Celebrate Markham webpage?

Grant recipient’s names, their project and the amount of their grant will be posted on the webpage on an annual basis following grant awards. An email will be sent to fund recipients following approval, advising of the grant award and identifying any additional information/conditions to be met prior to cheque issuance.

17. Is there an appeal process for applications that are declined?

There is no appeal process. All decisions of Council respecting Celebrate Markham applications are final.

18. What are the reporting requirements?

A Project Outcome/Financial report is required for all projects, following completion. Depending upon the amount of the grant, the following additional financial information must be provided.

Grant Threshold
Reporting Requirement
$5,000 or less
Income statement and balance sheet of the organization prepared by the organization and signed by the Board.
$5,001 - $10,000
Compilation Engagement prepared by a Licensed Public Accountant outside the organization. One document that contains financial statements for the 2 separate fiscal years (the most recent fiscal year and the previous year).
$10,001 & over 
Audit Engagement prepared by a Licensed Public Accountant outside the organization. One document that contains financial statements for the 2 separate fiscal years (the most recent fiscal year and the previous year).

19. What if I have additional questions or comments?

Email us at celebratemarkham@markham.ca.

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