Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Green Energy & Transportation

  • Develop a neighbourhood carpooling challenge
  • Organize a ‘walk to school’ group or bike pool
  • Offer bike repair clinics 
  • Vehicle anti-idling school campaigns

Zero Waste

  • Create a neighbourhood tool-share hub
  • Organize free sewing and mending workshops
  • Build a Little Free Library to exchange books 
  • Host a ‘retro’ tupperware party
  • Film a documentary on plastics and show it at your school or workplace

Keeping Markham Beautiful

  • Start a community cleanup group and recycle the litter from local outdoor spaces
  • Organize a nature walk with friends and bring bags to collect litter along the trails
  • Adopt a location and clean up cigarette waste

Protection of Natural Species and Habitat

  • Create a nature garden - label plants/trees and schedule guided tours
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