Your idea

Does your idea support one of the following criteria?

  • Contribute to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enhance the health, resilience and sustainability of our ecosystem and natural environment
  • Help attain Markham’s Zero Waste targets
  • Beautify neighbourhoods and communities
  • Conserve and protect our natural environment

Your budget

Consider the following when budgeting for your project:

  1. Grant money may be used to pay people for services (also called honorariums) 

  2. An honorarium is a small fee paid to someone for their in-kind skills or knowledge contributions

  3. Total honorarium(s) may not be more than $100 per project

  4. When creating a project budget, you should determine the actual cost of items to be used

  5. Be resourceful and think about how to obtain materials through borrowing or donations 

  6. You are responsible for keeping expense receipts to account for all project costs

  7. While some projects may continue year-round, it is expected that your grant is spent by December 31, 2021

Application process

Application Guidelines [PDF]

Photo & Video Consent Release Form [PDF]

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