Welcome to the By-law Guide for Markham Homeowners — an overview, in plain language, of what residents must know about City of Markham’s services, operations and the legal rules that may affect a homeowner’s property — some sections are relevant to landlords and tenants as well.

This guide makes it easy for you to explore the 14 by-laws about which Markham homeowners are most often concerned. Simply click the topic that interests you to research a brief, easy-to-read summary.

Follow the links in each summary to a full, technical description of the by-law and to other useful areas on this website.

The City of Markham is committed to providing easy-to-understand information on the by-law and regulations that may affect both current and future homeowners in Markham. These by-law concern the use and enjoyment of your property, and understanding them is an important part of living together as a community.

For more information on the By-law Guide for Markham Homeowners call the By-law Enforcement and Licensing Department at 905-479-7782 or email customerservice@markham.ca.

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