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Initial Charrette Master Plan Drawings and Recommendations

Following the information-gathering sessions and presentations conducted at the Charrette in early June, ideas for the draft master plan were summarized in five documents, as follows.

Updated Master Plan Drawings and Recommendations

In response to the excellent feedback provided by residents and community groups, the draft plan was modified and enhanced during Stage III. To move the project forward in achievable steps, the team performed a detailed study of five focus areas, or hubs, as well as designing a more effective mid-street access point at the public stairway across from Timothy’s. The team also developed additional concepts for a streestcape master plan and studied parking options in greater detail. The following concepts were presented at the November 7 and January 30 information meetings.

Unionville Master Plan Stage III Documents

The following concepts were presented at the January 30, 2014 information meeting:

Final Concepts

The Concept Master Plan was presented to Markham Council at a public information meeting on June 10, 2014. The presentation is summarized below in three documents. 

Community Vision Plan Final Report

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