Digital Markham was approved by Council in January 2017. The goal of the strategy is to transform Markham into a “frictionless city” by 2025, making Markham a digital destination where services are delivered seamlessly, the community is engaged, staff are enabled and innovation is key.

Digital Markham identifies four main objectives to achieve this vision:

Engaging and serving the community:

  1. Increase integrated digital services on the web and mobile
  2. Expand community engagement on digital platforms
  3. Improve digital literacy
  4. Grow Markham’s leadership in digital democracy

The digital differentiator for business:

  1. Establish a showcase digital community through strategic partnerships
  2. Establish new standards for the smart city
  3. Reduce friction for business
  4. Attract and retain businesses

The digital workplace:

  1. Increase organizational digital maturity
  2. Establish a digital operating model
  3. Enhance data-driven decision making
  4. Increase resiliency of digital infrastructure

The City as a Platform:

  1. Develop a “living lab” in Markham for rapid prototyping new initiatives
  2. Increase awareness of a new, unique #DigitalMarkham brand
  3. Leverage ICT cluster to establish Markham as a showcase digital community
  4. Increase transparency and access to open data

Since the Digital Markham strategy was approved, the City has steadily made progress in many initiatives, and has made significant accomplishments with positive results.

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