Markham is looking for passionate citizens to share ideas and envision a digitally-enabled city of the future.

The City of Markham is developing a Digital Strategy which will envision:

  • How emerging digital technologies can enhance how you interact with your City and the service it provides
  • How city employees collaborate and communicate
  • How digital infrastructure will make Markham a 'smarter' city, and
  • How the City can support the digital economy.

We need your help in identifying opportunities to enhance citizen engagement and collaboration, and to provide creative ideas for building a technologically innovative community. Your insight will help us prioritize our initiatives to build a more Digital Markham.

Join the conversation by visiting our Digital Markham Forum and clicking the Discussions tab. Share your ideas in the forum and vote on ideas you like. You can also engage with us by sharing discussion topics on Facebook or Twitter using #DigitalMarkham.