• Zoning By-law definitions, general provisions, zone categories/zones and associated permissions and standards, etc.
  • Zoning By-law layout, format, structure, zoning method, etc.
  • Existing zoning permissions, including site specific zoning by-law amendments and minor variance approvals, to determine best approach for recognizing existing permissions in the new comprehensive zoning by-law.

Phase 1
Zoning Issues Analysis

Background Work

Zoning Issues Analysis -
completion of discussion papers & examining zoning issues

Phase 2
Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction - recommendations to address zoning issues and guide the drafting of the new zoning by-law

Phase 3A
Secondary Suites, Rooming Houses & Short-Term Accommodations

Draft(s) of new zoning regulations

Final draft of new zoning regulations

Council adoption of new zoning regulations

Phase 3B
Development of new comprehensive Zoning By-law

Draft(s) of new comprehensive zoning by-law

Final draft of new new comprehensive zoning by-law

Council adoption of new comprehensive zoning by-law

Phase 4
OMB Appeals

Appeal(s) of new comprehensive zoning by-law

OMB Hearing(s)

OMB Decision(s)
Complementary Content