Markham's new Official Plan (2014) provides for the north Markham Future Urban Area (see map below). The north Markham Future Urban Area covers about 1,288 hectares (3,183 acres) bordered by Major Mackenzie Drive to the south, the Hydro Corridor and Woodbine Avenue to the west, the northerly City limits and Elgin Mills Road to the north, and the Robinson Creek to the east.

Approximately 675 hectares (1,668 acres) of developable lands are designated for future neighbourhoods, located primarily between Major Mackenzie Drive and Elgin Mills Road. Approximately 300 hectares (741 acres) located north of Elgin Mills Road are designated for employment uses. In total, the Future Urban Area is intended to accommodate approximately 12,000 residential units with a population of approximately 38,000 persons, and approximately 19,000 jobs.

The remainder of the lands, which contain watercourses and other natural heritage features, are designated as “Greenway” in the Official Plan and will not be developed. The Greenway comprises of natural heritage and hydrologic features and their functions, vegetation protection zones, protected agricultural lands and enhancement lands.

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