The development of the Conceptual Master Plan will be a collaborative and coordinated process using information obtained through the subwatershed studies, the transportation study and the wastewater and water servicing studies.

Through the Conceptual Master Planning process, the City of Markham will meet the requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) process to Phase 2 Step 6. The Conceptual Master Plan will support infrastructure projects in accordance with Schedule A and Schedule B. It will also facilitate the Class EA process for Schedule C infrastructure projects. Completion of the Class EA process for infrastructure projects will follow the Conceptual Master Plan.

The Conceptual Master Plan and Class EA will include:

  • Joint notifications and presentations to public, stakeholders and agencies for all Studies;
  • Concurrent assessment/analysis of land use, environmental and infrastructure issues;
  • Concurrent decisions/recommendations;
  • Collaborative problem solving; and,
  • Coordinated documentation.

The graphic below illustrates the City’s proposed combined planning and Class Environmental Assessment process. The planning process builds on the environmental context provided in the subwatershed studies. This environmental context provides the basis for identifying and examining alternative land uses and infrastructure options

Environmental Assessment Flowchart

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